Visitor Guidelines

We encourage the support of family and loved ones throughout treatment.

Visitor_GuidelinesSuggested visiting hours are from 4-7 pm daily. If a patient would like a visit to occur during alternate hours, he or she can let a staff member know and we will do our best to accommodate the request. A patient’s attorney, clergy, social worker, or therapist may visit at any time.

We request that visitors not bring in any potentially dangerous items onto the inpatient units. All visitors will be asked to lock up any personal items/bags in their car or to use the secured storage lockers provide at hospital entrances. We ask patients and visitors to take a moment and reflect on the potential results of bringing something onto the inpatient unit (sharps, meds, drugs). Please do not bring restricted items into the hospital. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please review the following additional guidelines prior to your visit:

    • We kindly ask that new patients are given 24 hours before visitation.
    • Please remember that we are a completely tobacco free campus for all visitors, staff, and patients.
    • Visitors should check in at the admissions entrance, obtain a visitor badge, and lock up or leave any belongings in the car. Please note that the outdoor entrance is locked. Please ring the outdoor doorbell for entrance.
    • We allow two visitors per visit.
    • Cell phones are not permitted due to camera and recording capability. Privacy and protection of our patients is our top priority.
    • We ask that any visitors feeling under the weather delay a visit until feeling better.