Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

Effective 4:00 PM Friday March 13, 2020 until further notice

As we continue to monitor the status of COVID-19, the Corona Virus, our TaraVista Behavioral Health Hospital Medical Staff elected to suspend all patient visitation to the hospital effective immediately. We have also received guidance from the Departments of Public Health and Mental Health confirming via regulatory authority that facilities may implement such “procedures to restrict visitation as necessary to protect the health of patients and staff”.

We are joining with many other hospitals in taking this unprecedented action in an effort to provide as much protection as possible against the spread of Covid-19—commonly known as the Corona Virus–to our patients, family members, visitors and our staff.

We will be working to enhance other means of connecting with your loved one including additional media time access to cell phones, video chat methods, and other means. We will make arrangements as necessary for visits with outside therapists, clergy, and attorneys. We will continue to evaluate this policy and keep our community informed of changes as they occur.

Covid-19 presents an unprecedented emergency for our hospital and all hospitals. We are fully open and clinically operational to care for your loved one. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work our way through the safest means to provide care for you and your family.

Please call your loved one’s treatment team or unit for further guidance.  We will update our website and Facebook page as changes occur.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

-TaraVista Behavioral Health Center Senior Leadership Team


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