Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

Visitation Policies

Updated September 2022

Below are TaraVista’s visitation guidelines.  While the Covid-19 virus has declined, it still continues to be a safety and health concern. These guidelines have been developed to provide visitation and include safety measures to protect patients, visitors and our TaraVista staff members.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • All visits must be scheduled in advance by the unit staff.
  • All visitors must complete covid screening at the time of arrival.
  • Only two visitors will be permitted on the unit per scheduled visit.
  • Visitors must arrive on time, visitors who arrive late will not be accommodated.
  • Visits cannot be split or shared.
  • The people identified at the time of scheduling are the only people who will be permitted to visit.
    • Visitors must remain in the identified visiting room for the duration of the visit.
    • Visitors must follow all COVID-19 protocols implemented by TaraVista
    • Any food or drink brought in by a visitor can only be consumed by the patient. Visitors are not permitted to remove their mask for any reason.
    • Any food or drink brought in by a visitor cannot be stored. The patient must consume the food or beverage before the visitor leaves.
  • *Please do not bring caffeine or soda products, cans, or glass bottle

Please call your loved one’s treatment team or unit for further guidance. Below are the contact numbers for our treatment units:

  • Child Treatment Unit, ages 5 -12 years old (South 1):  978-615-5203
  • Adolescent Treatment Unit, ages 13- 18 years old (South 1) : 978-615-5204
  • Adult Treatment Unit (South 2): 978-615-5232
  • Adult Treatment Unit (North 1) : 978-615-5201
  • Adult Treatment Unit (North 2) : 978-615-5202