Our Care

We understand that patients and families come to us
in the midst of a significant crisis.


We strive to make patients and families feel welcome. We work together to understand not just the current crisis but the factors and events that led to this point. We work with each patient, family, and outside care team member to develop tools and strategies to maintain health and stability after discharge.

Our approach to mental health and substance use care includes a few defining characteristics:

    • We greatly appreciate the importance of human emotions, self-understanding, and views of the world, in addition to actions and behaviors.
    • We help stabilize the current crisis and provide new coping strategies as a part of longer-term recovery.
    • Our care setting is as quiet and calming as possible. Patients experience meditation, music, movies, physical movement, healthy food, reading, therapy animals, outdoor space, and splendid views of nature.
    • We intend to bring peer counseling—people who have experienced mental health or substance use themselves at some time in their lives—into our treatment model.
    • Patients are encouraged to document goals and progress in their own medical record.